In recent time, I have got a lot of people’s email and calls on “if my famous controversial article, which is more verdict-like epistle between Multi level marketing, Pyramid Scheme and Ponzi is accurate; then how well do I judge some top MLM schemes in Nigeria”. There are few MLM schemes that you all stated I opine on but for the sake of the emergency in one of them, I will handle Growing Circle International (Gcircle) today.

Below is a case of Chris Abasi:

I worked for this company for 10 years and had to leave two years ago due to a spinal injury but have since recovered. I often  have dreams that I’m still working there but of course when I wake reality sets in. Just today I reconnected with the manager over my department. We talked about my work at the company though, even discussed how I could get back. But he later told me not to be blind by my addiction to office job but rather look for a much suitable job that will give me peace and good life which I need. He emphasized on the fact that I am not fit for the desk job I use to do and that I would be so much better off  in a position that required hands on and lots of physical activity along with brains.  As part of our discussion on opportunity ideas, we stumbled into Gcircle which is currently the top MLM in Africa now. I told him I don’t know  much about networking but when he reminded me of my expertise in the marketing department where we used to work together I decided to take a second thought. He even introduced me to a cousin of his who just got awarded with a car and a trip to SA. But as an intellect, after reading your “Fine line between MLM, Pyramid scheme and Ponzi Scheme”, I got more orientated and would like to go in for Gcircle. With Pros like you, I know I can make a niche for myself in the MLM industry but few question boggles my mind which I would need your help about.


Is Gcircle a legit MLM?

How could someone make the best out of this opportunity?

Thank you Chris!

Ofcourse, if you had truely read my previous post on opportunities and networking which you claimed to have done, it is quiet easy for any body to know that Gcircle is one of the few legitimate MLM out there.

If you had run into Simon Sinek’s TED talk on the Golden Circle where he made the case for how great leaders communicate differently—leading first with their WHY (or purpose), then describing their HOW (or unique value proposition), and finally describing WHAT THEY DO. I find the Golden Circle is just as applicable when deconstructing or charting a new idea or venture—mapping quite nicely to the vision, strategy, and networking scheme (MLM) that you’ve probably also run into. You see!..The mistake too many entrepreneurs make is rushing up this lather and prematurely falling off before they even break even. A lot of people fail in MLM thinking it is because it is not genuine but a research by Networking marketers (Feb, 2017) shows that most people fail in MLM because they decided to “go to the farm with a pen”. In other word, taking up an opportunity A with opportunity B’s approach.

Now my question is…

How could you want to go into a network marketing, thinking to get rich overnight?…. Some kinda blood money scheme?

How could someone go into a network marketing (which is a market of products/services) without buying and selling?


Reality talk:

  • Just like I wrote in my previous post on MLM, if you are a greedy fellow with the mind of getting rich overnight, just pack your load and zoom off MLM nation, it’s of no place for you but rather a place for investors, business people, creative people who wishes to work but just need leverage to kick off.
  • People going into MLM without exploring the product part of the MLM will come out broke, mark my word! Because all they would now depend on is commission which is not always applicable in some MLM and where applicable, you get paid for managing a team of salespersons (this I will explain later as we proceed..).


Now back to Chris Obasi’s question


My Remark:

Gcircle, the 4th MLM company I have ever researched, it is what I called “MLM like no other”. In fact if I have my way to meet with the ceo BEN MUELLER. I would propose the tagline should be changed to “MLM like no other” because it seems he himself does not know the capacity of what he has created for low income people in Africa.

ucad header 1

Now time to analyse Gcircle using the above Simon Sinek’s TED talk on the Golden Circle which transform into:



WHAT ARE YOU DOING ( to promote your investment)?


This is solely on the benefits you will have being a member of growing circle.

NB: Members in MLM are also referred to as partners, because company sees them as salespersons and entrepreneurs with products/services either to sell or to buy.

When you partner with Gcircle according to their official website, below are your benefits:

  1. You only have a one-time payment to enjoy every benefits that comes with Gcircle. Starting from the smartphones, through the cars, houses and global trips. Even to commissions on sales and team management.

  2. Earnings is of two ways (Selling/buying and compensation), which is a typical feature of a legitimate MLM scheme. So not even much of a talkative, you can still exploit this opportunity with your buying and selling habit without even inviting people or managing a team. The more you buy or sell, The more you are compensated for using the e-commerce website for sales.

  3. If you are a member in Lagos and it’s environs you can even walk into their shopping mall and buy stuffs at discounted prizes.

  4. Loan support can be given to their members which helps them establish a business of their choice (without leveraging) while still earning from Gcircle(leveraging). This program is referred to as “Dream support”. Just dream nice, and get it financed.

  5. Unlike any other MLM, Gcircle doesn’t require you to hawk/sell products traditionally rather both buying and selling are strictly online (no-stress)

  6. Members are rewarded through a compensation scheme with prizes like mini smart phones (bronze stage), tablets (silver stage), electronics (silver stage), laptops (gold stage), cars(platinum stage), Jeeps (sapphire stage), houses (diamond stage)….in order of stage respectively….with a lot of international trips (social cultural values)

  7. Unlike any other MLM I have researched before, Gcircle does not leave their partners/members stranded/alone. With their training and self development programme, they equip all partners through training, presentations, seminars and teamwork(Free of charge!!!). Therefore if anyone ask you to come and join Gcircle without an office or a meeting place with his/her team members, beware!!! Illegal self-acclaimed Gcircle members are everywhere right now in Nigeria


how to be successful in gcircle

 Though I have already compiled a GUIDE on how to best exploit Gcircle international, as promised earlier on my last post networking. This guide was compiled by me, Mr. Olaosebikan Oluwagbenga (A reknown Gcircle investor in Nigeria) and Dtycoon (National Representative, Nigeria) based on tested and trusted experiments.

You can get it here

But for detail sake. Let me emphasis a bit

To be sincere with you no MLM strategy works for two (2) MLM companies. Each MLM company has to be researched by fessionals and conclusion drawn on how to exploit its packed opportunities. But the popular problem of members, expecially in Nigeria is they don’t even know what a particular MLM is out to do, its features, mission and how to exploit every Naira and Kobo in it.

Gcircle is a product based networking which makes it legit for people to sign up with. They also reward partners for managing a team. But this is where Nigerians get it wrong. As a company, whoever that comes after you (be it 1 person or hundred people) are seen as your team which you manage and you get paid for that, but here in Nigeria it is commonly “you bring 2 person’s you get so so dollars” as if it’s a gambling game. How do you expect people to be successful in any MLM when the referrer uses the team management money he gets for himself? People will just end up failing saying “that networking is fake” even when it’s legit.

My advice:

After keening into these rare benefits that Gcircle offer for it’s members the next step before rushing up the lather is to ask “How do I do it”

  • Look for a reliable, hardworking and ever supportive Gcircle team (am working on getting hooked with one of the Nigerian certified Gcircle leader for you, details of which I will update into this post anytime soon. Endeavour to check back this post.
  • Pay them a visit and ask them the 3 questions we just analysed here
  • Go back home, Make your decision
  • Come back, set up your profile with them. Get your details
  • Start telling people about the opportunity you just found so you too can start earning from team management. Meanwhile be preparing on how to put your product and service on their e-commerce site so you can be earning from that too.
  • Sign a deal with your mind too to always buy, whatever you need on their website. Even down to your bathroom slippers and tooth brushes. Ain’t nothing like getting paid for buying a thing. I see no use of buying from other outlet like Konga, Jumia, Amazon when you can actually buy from Gcircle website, get paid for buying and get your investment boosted with Gcircle.

For a step by step guide on how best to exploit Gcircle click here.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ( …to promote your investment)?

This question along with the above have been packaged into a step-by-step guide for both Gcircle newbies and existing members.

But before I go:

As someone who wishes to join Gcircle, DO YOU KNOW?


Download my exclusive guide free of charge today and thank me later.

Finally, endeavor to test my “My To Do It” iteratively.

“If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong.”- Richard Feynman

In my own term “If your investment disagree with my guide, them Gcircle is wrong”

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