‘I’ll be a great daddy’ Britain’s first man to give birth has promised his daughter will be a ‘daddy’s girl’ — but he doesn’t feel like a mum and won’t breastfeed

Proud Hayden Cross, 21, has pledged to bring up Trinity-Leigh without a mum and said: “I’m all she needs.”

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Trinity-Leigh weighed 6lbs 7oz and was delivered by caesarean in June

Hayden Cross
Delighted new father Hayden Cross poses with daughter Trinity-Leigh

He even took drugs to prevent him producing milk because he felt breast-feeding was unnatural.

And he revealed that he will restart his gender transition programme next month.

According to The Sun, Hayden also told how he was left distraught by people who referred to him as ‘she’ while pregnant.

Trinity-Leigh weighed 6lbs 7oz when she was delivered by caesarean three weeks ago.

Just weeks earlier Hayden’s mum Christine had a baby in the same maternity ward.

Hayden, wearing a large silver ring moulded into the word “Dad”, told The Sun on Sunday: “The moment Trinity-Leigh was placed in my arms my world was complete.

Hayden Cross

Hayden Cross smiles lovingly at his newborn baby daughter

“All I have ever wanted is to be a dad. The feeling is even better than people describe.

“Being a dad all came naturally to me. As soon as I held her my paternal instincts just kicked in.

“I realise that for many women giving birth is the most fulfilling experience of their lives.

“But I don’t feel like a mum at all. I care for her as any single dad would. I wanted a boy at first but now I am so glad I had a girl. Now she can be a daddy’s girl.”

Talking about when he first held Trinity-Leigh, he said: “It was like I had known her all my life.

“Nothing else in the world matters as long as she is safe and happy. Your whole life changes in that moment and mine just revolves around her.

“When I saw her face everything I have been through, all the abuse and judgement I got, everything ­disappeared. It was all worth it.

“She is such a good baby, so happy and content, pulling funny faces. I’m not being biased, she really is the perfect child.”

First baby scan revealed earlier this year

He was one of around 3,000 patients a year having NHS-funded gender transition but was forced to put the programme on hold after they refused to freeze his eggs.

Seeing no other way of becoming a biological parent, and unable to afford the £4,000 to have his eggs frozen privately, Hayden contacted a sperm donor over Facebook.

“She won’t be judgemental because I will raise her not to be cruel, to be open-minded and kind. She will grow up with trans-people around her and I will explain everything to her.”

Hayden Cross

He stopped taking male hormone testosterone, which he had been on for over a year to make irreversible changes to lower his voice and produce facial hair, as it could be harmful to a child.

The unnamed donor came to Hayden’s flat in Gloucester and produced semen which Hayden impregnated himself with using a syringe.

He conceived on the first attempt and there has been no contact with the donor since.
But Hayden admits he hated being pregnant.

He said: “It went against everything that feels natural to me because it is the most feminine thing you can do.

“People abused me in the street. They kept referring to me as a woman. That was pretty s***.”

Hayden Cross

Hayden is one of the 3,000 patients a year having NHS-funded gender transition

Hayden Cross
Hayden Cross talks to The Sun on Sunday about his new baby just weeks after the birth

Hayden had an uncomplicated birth on the day he was admitted to an NHS hospital.

He said: “You’re nervous because it is a life-changing moment but I was happy because I finally got to meet her.”

Hayden took Trinity-Leigh home three days later after being monitored as a precaution. He said: “It was like the start of a new life leaving the hospital with her.”

I’ll protect her over boyfriend

HAYDEN said of his newborn daughter: “When she brings her first boyfriend home I will obviously be really protective.
“He will have to treat her right and if he doesn’t then he will have me to deal with!
“She doesn’t need a mother role in her life. To me that doesn’t matter at all.
“Because I was born female it isn’t exactly going to be difficult for me to talk to her about those type of things.
“Yes I am transitioning into a man but I’ve still been through those experiences.”

Hayden had wanted a boy because he thought it would be easier for them to bond.

But he is now looking forward to being a protective dad to Trinity, who he affectionately calls “munchkin”.

He said: “I wouldn’t change her for the world. I love dressing her in pink. She has so many clothes and toys.”

Trinity-Leigh is fed with formula since Hayden has taken medication to stop his body producing milk.

Hayden Cross

Hayden was born a girl called Paige and has legally lived the past three-and-a-half years as a man

Hayden had originally wanted a boy thinking it would be easier to bond but he is now looking forward to being a protective dad to Trinity

He has also started “binding” his breasts again, strapping them down with a thick elastic material.

He hopes to have them removed next year. Hayden said: “I start back on the programme next month, so that means I can start my having testosterone again.

“I won’t ever want any more children. My family is complete. It is me and her. I have close friends and my family around me to support me.

‘I won’t ever want any more children. My family is complete. It is me and her’

“I hate the fact I have them (breasts). It doesn’t feel right. I don’t even like talking about them, it is horrible when I look in the mirror.

“I want to get on with the programme and become who I am supposed to be.”

Hayden hopes his transition will be complete by the time Trinity-Leigh is old enough to talk.

His own upbringing as Paige — alongside sister Sky, now 22, and brothers Jordan, 19, and Robert, 17 — was difficult.

Hayden found a sperm donor on Facebook and hasn’t spoken to him since

Their dad had drug problems and split from their mum. At 14 Hayden felt compelled to move into social housing when his mum got a new partner.

He says he “never felt like one of the girls” but had never heard of transgender was until his late teens.

Hayden plans to be open with Trinity about his change “once she is old enough to understand”.

He said: “She won’t be judgemental because I will raise her not to be cruel, to be open-minded and kind.

She will grow up with trans-people around her and I will explain everything to her.

Asked about having to put his name under “mother” on the birth certificate Hayden said: “I was angry about it. I knew it might be the case but it isn’t fair.”

He will attempt to have the birth re-registered, naming him as the father once his transition finishes.


by Paris Lees, Transgender rights activist

THIS birth is a milestone and a very good thing.
What might have been strange 30 years ago in terms of gay couples adopting is becoming increasingly common.
Now trans people are having kids and it won’t be such a big deal in years to come.
The birth certificate thing is really stupid though. Why does it have to say mother or father? Why can’t it just say parent one or parent two?
And if he doesn’t want to breastfeed because he doesn’t like his boobs, fair enough.
I wish Hayden the best of luck. The most important thing is that the child is loved.

By Deidre Sanders, Sun Agony Aunt

CONGRATULATIONS to Hayden on the safe arrival.
He is clearly enjoying his baby but they face huge odds in the longer term.
It is hard being a single parent and harder still at 21.
Hayden and Trinity-Leigh face awkward questions when she starts nursery and school.
I know he plans to raise her surrounded by trans people but they can’t live in a bubble.
Babies are demanding little creatures who can test your love and patience to the limit.
I hope Hayden gets loads of understanding and informed support as a parent as well as a transitioning adult.

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